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Suction excavators direct from an innovative manufacturer

As a manufacturer of high-performance suction excavators and suction systems, Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH (MTS) offers innovative and reliable solutions to customers in a wide range of industries all over the world. With the construction machinery from the company that is based in Germersheim, Germany, satisfied customers can save on costs and increase their productivity at the same time. Let yourself be won over by perfected multi-fan technology and a ventilation principle which is patented throughout Europe: We offer you optimized workflows and rationalization as well as speed and quality.

Our various models are each perfectly customized to the areas of operation in which they are used. In this respect, for example, the CITYDINO, which is used in urban locations, is particularly compact. It might not have a high capacity, but it is designed so that it can be used in highly confined spaces. It is also possible to empty it using the big bag method – in this way, the extracted material is removed from the construction site while the CITYDINO can continue to be used. In contrast to this, the two-way suction excavator is perfectly equipped for working in the area of rail systems: It can move around on both surfaced roads and on rails. We will be happy to present our individual machines and ranges to you in more detail.

Suction excavators in the DINO range: numerous areas of application

So that the machines in the DINO range from MTS are perfectly prepared for a wide variety of areas of operation, large tilting containers, double fans with a rapid stop system, and drive systems powered by NMV drive or intermediate gear are included in the standard model. In addition, the machines are equipped with high-performance air compressors, durable dust filter systems, and various toolboxes and shelves. State-of-the-art radio and control systems, various accessories and the extremely strong MTS POWER ARM, which can be swiveled by up to 180° via remote control, round out the standard equipment.

Do you want to use a model in the DINO range in civil engineering, building refurbishment, or sewer renovation, for example, but the standard configuration doesn’t meet your requirements? Numerous options, such as the MTS MEGA ARM for greater reach or the IKE suction pipe which helps to loosen the material to be extracted, for example, can also be ordered. Regardless of whether you need additional LED lights to light up your work area or want to cover the suction superstructure: We fulfill individual requirements.

CITYDINO: large cost and time savings

Despite its compact design, the agile CITYDINO has plenty of components which our large models in the DINO range also come equipped with. It has been specially developed for urban civil engineering work. If you buy this suction excavator, you can anticipate a better than 60 percent saving on your costs in the manual digging sector – the CITYDINO pays off from just 25 percent of its capacity. We will be happy to carry out a cost-efficiency calculation for you including an investment plan and a list of the revenues you can achieve in comparison with the associated costs. Simply request the calculations from us!

Refuse suction units in the WASUC range offer reliability and hygiene

Waste disposal using suction offers a multitude of advantages. Thanks to the advanced technology from Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH, a wide variety of types of emissions are significantly reduced: Consequently, less noise, odors and exhaust, as well as particles have a negative impact on both the environment and people. The new way of working also protects the health of the waste management personnel.

Since the refuse is transported directly from a sealed underground container into the refuse suction unit in many cases, contaminated or infectious materials don’t come into contact with the environment. Waste disposal with a WASUC suction unit is also a hygienic and safe alternative for cleaning public spaces – after a large-scale event, for instance. We will be happy to provide you with information about the three different WASUC models and their areas of application.

Rail maintenance with the two-way suction excavator: punctual trains

MTS has developed a machine for working in the area of the rail network which can drive both on the road and on rails. In this way, the two-way suction excavator is able to reach areas which are not otherwise accessible to conventional construction vehicles. The cleaning of the tracks, points and surrounding areas, as well as suction of ducts and shafts, keeps the rail system in good condition and ensures the high availability of the rail network. Train delays or breakdowns are reduced as a result.

Versatile: Suction boxes in the SBO range and special solutions

At MTS, you can buy numerous suction systems which meet all of your requirements: from the small MTS Suction Box SBO 22/32 which can be transported very flexibly and efficiently suctions loose material, to the MTS MOONER which can be remotely controlled. Whether you are looking for an ash suction unit, a separation container system or the smallest model possible to be used in extremely confined spaces, we offer you individual solutions as well as a wide variety of accessories. Get in touch with us: We will be pleased to explain our products and your options for individualization to you.

If you are looking for suction excavator leasing, you should also contact our capable team. We will be happy to facilitate contact between you and a suction excavator rental company in your area.

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