Suctioning instead of excavating: take advantage of the benefits

We, as a developer and manufacturer of innovative suction excavators, recommend switching from excavating to suctioning – as many already have. The use of a suction excavator from MTS offers you a wide range of benefits and is suitable for everyone who places great value on safety, speed, and cost savings. We are very happy to explain why “suctioning instead of excavating” should be your new motto.

Why should you suction instead of excavating?

Save on labor and time

Since just one suction excavator, i.e. one machine, is used – and not multiple machines, e.g. a digger and a transport vehicle –, fewer workers are also required. Furthermore, time is saved in the process because you don’t have to complete multiple work steps one after another with different machines. For example, breaking up and loosening the soil and suctioning of the loose material is done in a single step.

Suction excavators make the work safer

The use of suction excavators makes the site safer in a variety of ways.

  • When exposing lines, the material is carefully sucked away. This means that no shovels or similar can damage the lines and thus cause something like a telecommunication network outage or – in a far more serious case – an explosion. Therefore, the use of suction excavators at refineries makes perfect sense and improves safety.
  • If a suction excavator is used, much fewer construction pits are created, which generally only exist for a short period of time. The risk of an accident is thus reduced by around 75% – for example by reducing the risk of falling.
  • A minimized noise level ensures a better state of health for residents and passers-by.
  • The laborers’ health also benefits from suctioning: among other things, they no longer suffer the physical strain of manual digging and do not come into contact with toxic materials or dust since these are sucked up directly.

The environment is protected

Pollutants are removed – for example during refuse suctioning – without coming into contact with the environment. Furthermore, less soil is affected owing to the smaller site hole dimensions. With a suction excavator, it is also possible to carry out tree root maintenance without damaging the plant.

Take advantage of the benefits for yourself!

If you are convinced of the benefits of our suction excavators, you should take advantage of them for yourself. Or offer suction excavators as a service, because:

An MTS suction excavator opens up new lines of business

With such a machine, a promising niche business is open to you. Suction excavators can be profitably hired, including an expert driver, to customers for a wide range of areas of application. More than 60% of the owners of one or more MTS machines operate this type of service business.

Do you want more information on the topic of “suctioning instead of excavating”? Your suction excavator manufacturer, Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH, is happy to provide information. Get in touch!