HAK B.V. is active on the Dutch market in the areas of GWW and soil remediation.
HAK B.V. strives to continue to play a leading role in the market of GWW and soil remediation companies. For this it is necessary that the requirements set by the customers are continuously fulfilled. By exceeding these requirements and striving for continuous improvement of business operations, customer satisfaction with HAK B.V.’s services can be further increased.

These requirements could be further met by the purchase of 2 MTS suction excavators. The first MTS suction excavator was a 12m³ equipment on a GINAF chassis. With this purchase many customer wishes could be met. Also new application possibilities came up with this proven technology.

After a short period of time new customer requirements came up. Customers wanted the suction excavation technology also for tight areas in the city. With this, the idea of purchasing an MTS City DINO, came up. Through the high maneuverability and the short length of the MTY City DINO, the decision to buy was made.

The removal of soil takes place twelve times faster than traditional hand excavation methods. The MTS City DINO works safely and easily, without causing damage to buried pipes and cables already in the ground. The MTS City DINO was specially developed to solve the problems construction companies are faced with when working in heavily populated urban areas. To work in these areas, traditional 3- and 4-axle suction excavators are often seen as too large, too expensive and often not used to their full capacity. At the same time, clients still demand a smaller more cost-effective suction machine as an alternative to costly, more dangerous and time intensive hand excavation techniques. In narrow streets and construction sites with limited access, the MTS City DINO shows its unique strengths: Its compact design keeps the MTS City DINO maneuverable and the technology utilized in its design makes it powerful, efficient and environment-friendly.

HAK B.V. goal is to be smarter and more innovative. Thanks to the combination of modern equipment and qualified personnel, HAK B.V. is growing continuously and fulfilling all the upcoming customer requirements.

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