Second-hand suction excavators: we procure top devices!

Suction excavators and suction systems from Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH – MTS for short – are characterized by their performance and the highest quality, among other things. Since MTS uses exclusively high-quality materials in the standardized or individual production of the various machines, the suction excavators are extremely robust and meet the highest requirements. This quality also results in an astonishingly long service life for the intelligent solutions. All second-hand suction excavators therefore meet high requirements and give you an impressive competitive advantage in your industry. Here, you can find a selection of high-quality second-hand suction excavators which are currently available for sale. Contact us in order to learn more about the individual models and their conditions.

Buy top quality second-hand suction excavators from the manufacturer

As a manufacturer of excellent and innovative suction systems, we naturally have the necessary expertise to correctly evaluate the condition of any second-hand suction excavator. You should therefore turn to us first in the search for a second-hand MTS machine. We are happy to ensure that you get the quality which you are used to from us.

With us, you find suction excavators which are successfully used in a wide range of different industries: from special models for use in civil engineering or in building refurbishment, through refuse suction units which are used for waste removal, to machines which are out and about on rail systems and maintain them. MTS also offers special suction machines such as ash suction units or the channel tunnel suction unit and implements individual solutions.

Spare and wear parts for second-hand suction excavators

We offer wear and spare parts for all suction systems and suction excavators in order to ensure smooth operation. The machines thus remain usable for years – regardless of whether your suction excavator is brand new or second-hand. You can find out about the range in the clear Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH spare parts catalog. The MTS online shop is also optionally available. Regardless of whether you need a new hose connector cover, a filter cartridge, or a flat roof suction unit, you’re sure to find it with us.
Don’t know which part needs to be replaced? MTS offers – as part of its service promise – straightforward technical help.

Professional service from Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH

Our services go beyond the planning, production, and assembly of suction systems, suction excavators, and refuse suction units. In order to always keep the device’s potential at a maximum, we offer numerous services such as an annual safety test or all necessary maintenance and repair work.

We offer the following for your machines:

  • Maintenance and repairs

We are happy to maintain your suction excavator or refuse suction unit.

  • Individual technical help

We provide advice in your own language, of course.

  • Quick reaction times
    Service jobs can be rapidly completed.
  • Availability
    We are there for you every day.
  • Individual maintenance contracts
    Get in touch – we’ll explain your options.
  • Training

Multi-day, professional events which ensure improved cost-effectiveness and safety.

  • Annual testing

We test the safety of your suction system once a year.

  • Consultation

We provide in-depth advice regarding proper use.

  • MTS service vehicles
    The vehicles, including professional equipment, work for you.
  • Financial advice
    We carry out a cost effectiveness calculation and offer financial support.

Buy second-hand suction excavators and open up new lines of business

With a suction excavator from MTS, you can set up a completely new and profitable service company. In a wide variety of product niches, work steps which were previously done laboriously with other machines and by multiple workers can be done more safely and efficiently with a suction excavator. That’s why more than 60% of people who own a machine from MTS operate as service providers or hire suction vehicles together with a trained driver to customers in a wide variety of areas of application.

Improved safety for workers and the environment

Alongside efficiency, working with a suction excavator is characterized by the fact that it meets high standards when it comes to health, safety, and the environment. The fact that smaller site holes are created means that the risk of falling or otherwise injuring themselves is reduced for both the workers and passers-by or residents. Furthermore, no cables or pipes are damaged, the noise level is reduced, and dusty and contaminated material is sucked up directly without doing any damage.

Waste disposal using a refuse suction unit makes a significant contribution to improving the health of the operators. Not only is the accident risk reduced, contact with infectious waste or contaminated liquids is also prevented. In addition – in contrast to traditional emptying of a refuse container – the waste disposal employee’s neck is not overstretched. Back pain and other health consequences are prevented in this manner.

Second-hand and new products from MTS

If you can’t find the model you need under the second-hand suction excavators, please feel free to contact Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH. We will find an individual solution for you and are there for you with our expertise and know-how.