MTS Webshop is online

Our new webshop is online! After a first test phase and many good experiences from representatives and customers, we would like to invite you to make use of our offer.

What are the benefits of the webshop? Unlike a printed catalogue, the database is always up-to-date! Product features, designs, availability, delivery times and of course current offers: Here you have all the important wear and spare parts at a glance and can put together your next order with just a few clicks. Please, register here.

The webshop is currently available in three languages and is continuously updated. If you have questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact our MTS service team by e-mail at webshop(at)saugbagger(dot)com.


MTS – New logo & Corporate Design

More modern, stronger and professional: With our new logo & corporate design, we want to make our corporate image more uniform and professional than before. The initial aim was to develop a catchy, globally understandable, and dynamic logo with a high recognition value for the company that is also excellently recognizable in digital media. The new corporate design is intended not least to reflect our position as one of the world’s leading suction excavator manufacturers and our own increased demands.

Britain’s first “Citysafe” in operation

LMD Vacuum Excavation has taken delivery of Britain’s first vacuum excavator built specifically for use in towns and cities. The Citysafe incorporates features that improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and the driver themselves. These include the DirectVision cab with panoramic glazing, low entry and exiting, and image and sensor-based safety assistance.

Vacuum excavation (also referred to as suction excavation) enables holes to be dug without the need for mechanical diggers. In urban environments where there is a high density of utility infrastructure – water and gas pipelines; electricity and telecoms cables – the use of vacuum excavation eliminates pipe bursts and cable strikes. Bursts and strikes cause huge disruption to utility services and potentially life-threatening danger to operatives and the general public.

The Econic cab on LMD’s Citysafe provides a low seating position for the driver. Combined with the full-height glazed door on the passenger side, this provides the driver with direct eye-contact with cyclist, pedestrians and motorists. The full-height glazed door – from wheel to cab top – concertinas to ensure safe opening and avoid potential accidents.

MTS delivered 1000. Suction Excavator

In November 2020 MTS Suction Systems UK delivered SB1000 to Pier UK – Vacuum Excavation. Mounted on a Scania G450XT Chassis this DINO8 unit has our market leading Twin Fan and Air Movement technology on board to offer the client un-matched suction performance!

With over 50 MTS Units in their fleet Pier UK are the largest Vacuum Rental providers in Europe and share MTS UK’s goal of providing a “Gold Standard” Service to the UK and Eire markets. Backed by MTS UK, who have over 60 Years’ worth of experience, providing support and technical advice to ensure maximum efficiency from their MTS machine.

SB1000 marks a 22 year commitment from MTS to provide market leading equipment to various civil, utility and construction industries worldwide. Ensuring the highest level of service support, technical knowledge and spares back up MTS Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH has become the leading force in Suction Excavation worldwide.

HAK B.V. and MTS

HAK B.V. is active on the Dutch market in the areas of GWW and soil remediation.
HAK B.V. strives to continue to play a leading role in the market of GWW and soil remediation
companies. For this it is necessary that the requirements set by the customers are continuously
fulfilled. By exceeding these requirements and striving for continuous improvement of business
operations, customer satisfaction with HAK B.V.'s services can be further increased.

MTS donates money to install a reliable water supply in Ghana

In collaboration with the initiator of the donations, the company Bender Strassenbau and the “Ghanahilfe – Kinder von Atibie e.V.”, MTS has helped with several donations to install a reliable and clean water supply in Ghana. Thanks to these donations, a new water well could be installed

Company “Max Huss” and their story of success with suction excavators

Founded in 1847, the company Max Huss, located in Neumünster/ Germany has been using MTS suction excavators for more than 15 years. Starting as a classic civil engineering company that only used the suction excavator for their own projects, they have been offering more and more operated service where they supply the suction equipment with trained operators.

Because of the expansion of the business in the area of laying fibre optic cable, Max Huss bought a new suction excavator in 2016.

Max Huss also works intensively with the horizontal directional drilling procedure for underground cable and pipe installations.

High volume of bentonite suspension is found in the entry and exit bell holes.

Junior manager Max- Lennard Huss, B.Eng, told us:” The MTS suction excavator creates new business opportunities besides the classic civil engineering sector. We are especially excited that the suction excavator is able to remove bentonite in all forms.

Largest single order in the company’s history

Rail Road technology for the Danish railway

In July, MTS received the largest single order in the company’s history.

A specialized suction unit with rail road technology, that will be used to support the electrification of the Danish railway. The unit will be used to search for cables and wires in the areas where the electrification masts will be built. The delivery is planned for the second half of 2017.

Suction Excavators on AROCS

Newest triple fan generation has proven its dependability in continuous operation

After experiencing some problems with the MTS triple fans’ pneumatic coupling in the beginning, the new generating of these suction excavators has now proven its reliability in continuous operation.

The MTS team has achieved this thanks to some technical changeovers regarding the coupling and drive concept.