MTS donates money to install a reliable water supply in Ghana

In collaboration with the initiator of the donations, the company Bender Strassenbau and the “Ghanahilfe – Kinder von Atibie e.V.”, MTS has helped with several donations to install a reliable and clean water supply in Ghana. Thanks to these donations, a new water well could be installed

Company “Max Huss” and their story of success with suction excavators

Founded in 1847, the company Max Huss, located in Neumünster/ Germany has been using MTS suction excavators for more than 15 years. Starting as a classic civil engineering company that only used the suction excavator for their own projects, they have been offering more and more operated service where they supply the suction equipment with trained operators.

Because of the expansion of the business in the area of laying fibre optic cable, Max Huss bought a new suction excavator in 2016.

Max Huss also works intensively with the horizontal directional drilling procedure for underground cable and pipe installations.

High volume of bentonite suspension is found in the entry and exit bell holes.

Junior manager Max- Lennard Huss, B.Eng, told us:” The MTS suction excavator creates new business opportunities besides the classic civil engineering sector. We are especially excited that the suction excavator is able to remove bentonite in all forms.