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What can a suction box do?


Areas of Application

Suction Boxes are used for multiple applications, some of which are detailed below:

  • Loose asphalt material from road planning operations or repair work.
  • Gullies, drainage channel cleaning etc.
  • Materials handling plant cleanup such as around conveyor belts in quarries/gravel works
  • Loose concrete debris after Hydro demolition works
  • Wood chips, shavings and sawdust
  • Track ballast or broken up material
  • Crushed stone or other material

Although multi-functional, Suction boxes are limited by their lower performance levels in areas of traditional underground engineering such as removal of materials from below ground excavations and for distance works


The standard model of suction boxes(SBO) consists of a collecting container with an integrated,self-cleaning filtration system (via an external air compressor) and a hydraulically operated Ventilator. Depending on the power level of the fan (22 – 80 kW), suction hose diameters vary from 125 – 200mm. Electrically driven options are also possible.

Simple adaptation to wheeled loaders (from 6t), mobile excavators, rail-road suction excavator, forklift or chassis such as unimog, ladog or trucks can be accommodated Standard suction boxes are powered hydraulically from suitable slave unit of hydraulic take offs supplied with return-flow-systems and overflow oil line (from 80 l/ min, 220 bars)

Find out the advantages of a MTS suction box

  • Cost effective

  • Health&Safety

  • Environment

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