• Container volumes from 4,5 m³ to 12 m³
  • Side of tipping hopper in stainless steel VA
  • Tipping edge in stainless steel VA
Twin Fan Technology
  • Patented Twin Fan Technology with variable levels of power
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Central lubrication system of the fan bearings
Intermediate gear or NMV-drive

Main drive system for the fans either intermediate gear or NMV-drive

Air Compressor
  • Powerful air compressor with 4,5 m³/min, 8 bar
  • Provides oiled and non-oiled air at the rear of the vehicle.
  • Advantage of high air capacity for air lances and air tools
  • Auto self-cleaning dust filtration system
  • Fast exchange, interchangeable filter bank
  • MTS POWER ARM – suitable for all professional
  • Strong and stable suction hose support with 5 flexible joints
  • 7m suction hose length with 250mm diameter
  • Fully proportional radio remote controlled operation
  • 180 °Swivel Radius
Storage Box
  • 3 tier suction tubes storage behind the cab
  • Kerb side mounted, lockable storage, with gas struts to doors and rubber mats
  • Sunder chassis suction tube storage baskets
  • Modern SPS-Control-System with Siemens-Touch screed and Remote Diagnostic via mobile technology
  • Radio Remote Controls available as Gross Funk or Hetronic
  • Spare umbilical remote control included
  • Reversing camera with integrated satnav system
  • Suction tube with extension and reducer
  • Air lance, pneumatic spade, jack hammer
  • Air hoses
  • Tool box with basic maintenance tools


Hydraulically rotating platform for suction tubes used for loosening compact materials etc.

MTS MEGA ARM for extended reach and increased power application.

The stainless steel version of the MTS containers and lids offer improved corrosion resistance and also lower friction characteristics which are helpful when tipping and cleaning the container.

Radio remote control hydrostatic drive for sucking while moving the truck, or when repositioning the truck on-site.

HIGH TIP system with two tipping heights for emptying in Tipper Trucks
1. Tipping height 2,4 m
2. Tipping height extended 3 m

Triple fan system with clutch coupling connecting the third fan. Operates as a twin fan or triple fan system depending on the site requirements.

High-pressure-water-pump, hose reel and high-pressure-water-gun, including a 500 l clean water storage tank.

Air operated double-diaphragm-pump with aluminum housing to pump dirty water with particles up to 30mm diameter.

Available as:

  • Full Cover Paneling enclosing the container and side walls of the vehicle with aluminum panels for painting or for client applied graphics
  • Partial Cover Paneling enclosing the container sides only with aluminium panels for painting or for client applied graphics

Security systems for industrial applications, e.g. Earthing Reel, Radio Control EX Zone, ADR, Gas detector, etc.

Various light packages can be selected for lighting working areas or vehicle sides for maneuvering.

External hydraulic connection at the rear of the vehicle for hydraulically operated equipment.

Combined cleaning system, that enables work to be completed with high pressure water and vacuum simultaneously.

High pressure sewer cleaning unit with hydraulically driven hose reel.

Additional modules can be ordered on request