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When you buy a suction excavator in the DINO range, you can be certain of to get innovative technology as well as top quality and maximum performance. You also save on costs and can count on quick and reliable operation. The various models in the outstanding DINO range offer you numerous benefits and are perfectly customized to your particular areas of application – from civil engineering through industry to landscaping.

What can a suction excavator do?


Areas of Application

Buy a suction excavator from the DINO range and be prepared for anything

The MTS suction excavators in the DINO range are versatile and are therefore used in an extremely wide range of sectors. You can find an overview of the various areas of application here:

Civil engineering
  • Exposure of lines for gas, water, telephone, etc.
  • Exposure of domestic connections
  • Well construction and renovation
  • Emergency service in the event of burst water and gas pipes
Building renovation
  • Removal of demolition materials
  • Suctioning of flat roof debris and green roofs
  • Exposure of foundations (drainage)
  • Suctioning of suspended ceilings (slag materials)
  • Emptying of tanks and containers
  • Suctioning of material under buildings and suspended ceilings
  • Suctioning of contaminated material
  • Cleaning of industrial plants, filter systems, etc.
  • Exposure of tank facilities
  • Emptying and exposure of boilers, bunkers, silos and infrastructure plants
Road construction, sewer renovation and cleaning
  • Suctioning of milled material
  • Cleaning of ditches, road drains, hard shoulders and central reservations
  • Suctioning of sludge and solid material in the sewer area
  • Tree and root maintenance through replacement of the soil without damaging the roots
  • Suctioning of sludge – from ponds and habitats, for instance
Energy production
  • Suctioning of residual material from fermentation tanks in biogas plants
  • Suctioning of ash and wood chips from wood combustion plants
Track maintenance
  • Suctioning of railway ballast and soil
  • Cleaning work in the track area
Tunnel and deep extractions
  • Suction work over long distances and at great depths
  • Suction of concrete pieces and incidental sludge loosened with high-pressure water

With an MTS suction excavator, you are buying a wide range of benefits:


Cost effectiveness thanks to Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH

  • High savings – more than 60% – in manual digging
  • A suction excavator in the DINO range pays off from just 25% of its capacity
  • High time savings in comparison with manual digging – up to 16 times quicker
  • With just one vehicle: suctioning, transporting, breaking up, etc.
  • Immediate use with no studying of the pipeline or site plans
  • Use with significantly limited space requirements
  • High suction excavator availability thanks to patented, tried and tested technology
  • One suction excavator operator is enough

We generate a cost-effectiveness calculation including:

  • Investment plan
  • Achievable revenues
  • Comparison of profits an costs

MTS: effective working with maximum safety

Open up new lines of business!

Follow the example of more than 60% of the owners of high-quality MTS suction excavators and open a new, profitable service business. The niche market remains extraordinarily promising: The suction excavators, which operate economically, are rented out to customers from a wide variety of areas of application. Your trained drivers work at the appropriate site – quick, effective and safe.

Stay competitive!

Suction excavators enjoy great popularity – it isn’t just network operators who value the safe working environment which doesn’t damage pipes under any circumstances. Tap into unforeseen potential for customers and contractors!

Pay attention to health and safety!

If you buy a suction excavator from the DINO range, you benefit not only from the fact than no pipes or cables are damaged during the work, but also from a reduced risk of injury. Workers, as well as passers-by and local residents, suffer significantly fewer accidents such as falls or slips because the sites are smaller and exist for a shorter amount of time.

Workers and other people who come into contact with the site are exposed to much fewer health risks. The physical work is reduced, the noise level is reduced, and people don’t breathe in dust because the dusty material is directly suctioned and carried away from the site.

Take care of the environment!

The significantly smaller sites – in comparison with conventional methods – mean that less material is excavated and must be filled in again. The natural soil therefore remains untouched to a large extent. In addition, contaminated liquid or affected soil can be very precisely removed and can be safely taken away. Our innovative ventilation principle also guarantees dust-free suctioning.

Our suction excavators win people over

What our partners and customers say:


Seit einem Jahr stet unser MTS Saugbagger tagtäglich im Einsatz…In dieser Zeit konnten sämtliche AUfträge zur vollsten Zufriedenheit und ohne größere Probleme erledigt werden.

Aus unserem Betrieb ist der Saugbagger nicht mehr wegzudenken, er ist täglich im Einsatz.

mit dem Saugbagger habe ich Zusatzaufträge bekommen, die ich sonst nie bekommen hätte.

We bought a second one, that says enough .. We brought practical inputs, MTS listened and implemented it.

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