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CITYDINO suction excavator: buy MTS quality


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MTS CityDino

Saugbagger CITYDINO
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A high performance suction excavator ideal for all companies who want to enter the suction systems market. Standard units designed to tip into Big Bags.
The new dimension for professionals in underground construction.

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What can a suction excavator do?

New dimension for professional civil engineering

Compact, maneuverable and environmentally friendly. The best performing in its class!

In the CITYDINO suction excavator, you buy a compact, agile, and environmentally friendly construction vehicle which may well be the strongest in its class.
This mini suction excavator was specially developed for those requirements which civil engineering companies must face in inner city areas.

Professional, universal, and high capacity!
The fully equipped MTS CityDino convinces with great agility in tight spaces, powerful suction, and a high-performance on-board air compressor. Many components are taken from the large vehicles in the DINO range.

Intelligent handling of the material sucked up
The innovative use of so-called big bags ensures a clean site: the compact CITYDINO first collects the material sucked up in a 2 m³ container which can be emptied directly into large transport bags which can easily be transported away by a grab vehicle or crane tipper. The mini suction excavator can thus continue being used immediately and does not need to leave the site for unloading. You thus save valuable working time.

Professionals confirm:“The MTS CityDino lives up to its name.”

Find out what benefits the mini suction excavator brings


Cost effectiveness with MTS

Your benefits at a glance:

  • You save on high costs in the manual digging sector – more than 60%!
  • The suction excavator pays off for you from just 25% of its capacity.
  • With the CITYDINO, you are 12 times quicker than manual digging.
  • You can use the construction vehicle immediately without studying pipeline plans and site plans.
  • Breaking, suctioning, and transportation is possible with just one vehicle.
  • The CITYDINO can be used even with significantly limited space requirements.
  • Tried and tested patented technology provides high machine availability.
  • The CITYDINO is operated by just one person.

Request our cost effectiveness calculation with:

  • An investment plan
  • The achievable revenues
  • And a comparison of the costs and revenues

Why you should buy and use a mini suction excavator from MTS:


New lines of business

More than 60% of suction excavator owners operate a new service company with the machines from MTS. With the product niche, a promising and profitable line of business is thus opened up. Many of the operators have multiple suction vehicles and lease them, including the driver, to customer groups from a wide variety of areas of application. Billing is done by the hour, day, or week.


In addition to high acceptance from network operators, suction excavator companies set themselves apart from their competition who use traditional methods. In addition to safe operation, the suction excavators also offer exploitation of cost potential for companies and customers. So buying a CITYDINO suction excavator always pays off.

Health & safety

Studies show how safe working with a suction excavator is. No cables or pipes are damaged, and injuries which would occur during manual work are prevented. Accidents – for example slipping or falling on the site – are drastically reduced. Public safety is also improved by an average of 75% since only small holes are excavated and the sites remain in place for a shorter space of time.

The health of both people working on the site and the passers-by and residents benefits from the use of MTS construction vehicles. The physical work which is needed in manual digging is drastically reduced. The incidental noise level is much lower than for the working methods traditionally used and breathing dust is also prevented since dusty material which is sucked up is conveyed directly into a sealed container and removed from the site.


By reducing the dimensions of the site holes, both the volume of material to be excavated and the volume of material to be filled back in are drastically reduced. Contaminated earth and liquids can be precisely removed and disposed of. Our patented MTS ventilation principle also guarantees dust-free suctioning.

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Our customers and partners’ opinions:


Can’t imagine working without suction excavator! Our machine is in daily use.

We bought a second hand unit that works well, and when we brought practical modification suggestions to the table MTS listened and implemented them…that says it all!

Convinced? We look forward to hearing from you!

If you want to buy a CITYDINO suction excavator and enjoy the numerous benefits, please contact our qualified experts directly! We look forward to receiving your inquiry and will be happy to answer all your questions.

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