Buy special solutions: individually configurable suction excavators

As a manufacturer of outstanding suction systems and innovative suction excavators, our aspiration is to offer the right machine for every requirement. You can therefore buy not only a suction excavator, but also special solutions which can be individually configured. These include special suction systems like the Calais-Dover channel tunnel suction unit, for example, as well as our MOONER or the MTS DRONE which are designed for particularly tight working conditions. You can also get special accessories from us which perfectly and individually supplement our suction systems.


MTS suction excavators: buy top quality special solutions

We are happy to present our various special solutions to you and provide in-depth advice. Do you have exceptional requirements? We revolutionize your work processes and configure your suction excavator so that it meets your requirements.

Special suction systems at a glance

The special system solutions from Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme GmbH (MTS) are a wide variety of different machines which are characterized by their unusual container system, the type of movement, or their suction system, for example.

Our special suction systems include:

  • Separation container systems
  • The Calais-Dover channel tunnel suction unit
  • Rail suction trailer

The Calais-Dover channel tunnel suction unit was developed for use in the Eurotunnel. This 50 km long railway tunnel can be optimally maintained and – where necessary – repaired with the machine which moves on the rails. The rail suction trailer is also designed for movement on a rail system and is used to clean the track and rail area.

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Remote-controlled MTS MOONER: perfect for tight suction sites

Our MTS MOONER is used anywhere with limited space and where the use of a conventional suction excavator is not possible. For example, it can be driven into sewers in order to remove debris or other material there. The MOONER is available in a variety of models – for example with or without a seat, or with a shovel or milling machine – but its dimensions are generally around 1.85 x 0.90 x 0.95 m.

For optimal operation, the small machine has a camera system with monitor, LED work lights, a remote control, and a three-dimensional hydraulic excavator arm or milling machine. For the chassis, you have two versions to choose from: a rubber track chassis, or a 4 or 6 rubber tire all-wheel drive.

Compact suction aid: the DRONE from MTS

With dimensions of 1.85 x 0.52 x 0.70 m, the MTS DRONE is even smaller than the MOONER. This compact machine can therefore be used when there’s even less space available and suction work needs to be carried out. This special solution is also equipped with a camera system with monitor, a remote control, and LED work lights. In contrast to the MOONER, the DRONE has a suction head which can be hydraulically controlled in three dimensions and is only equipped with a rubber track chassis.

The suction hose which is fitted on the MTS DRONE as standard convinces with a diameter of 250 mm. The supply lines for the electronics, hydraulics, and for the cameras are a practical 40 m long and are wound on a reel for convenient use of the DRONE.

Buy accessories for your suction excavator

Our special solutions also include a wide range of accessories which are perfectly tailored to your requirements and which can be combined with a variety of suction excavators. We will be happy to provide you with in-depth advice with regard to these innovative elements. Whether you want to buy accessories for your suction excavator or other special solutions, we find the suction system which meets your requirements perfectly.

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